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Wellbeing Fun Day: Pyjama Day!

Pyjama day at St Paul's was a wonderful success for our Wellbeing Fun Day. The day added some much-needed extra joy to our school community and helped keep our spirits up during these strange times in which we live.

The children loved the day and certainly 'shared the joy'.

Pyjama day was all about keeping a positive mindset and healthy wellbeing. Balanced wellbeing is a state in which we are happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Sometimes it's nice to just have a day at school that is 'just for fun'!

The children participated in many fun activities during class time that supported friendships and promoted positive interactions. They also spent time outside playing games, coming together and enjoying the sunshine.

It was a perfect day – not too cold and not too hot – and the smiles on the children's faces were beaming! We think we can safely say, 'mission accomplished!' to FUN!

Thank you to all our school community for your support. We will have more 'fun days' in the future, because it is good to smile and have fun together.